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Oakvale Wines

Oakvale Wines Blog

James Becker
22 March 2017 | James Becker

Magnum Winner

I would like to congratulate our March 2017 Magnum winner - Lichee Hogland!!!!
Thank you to everyone who participated.

Time Posted: 22/03/2017 at 4:00 PM
Danielle Doffay
10 March 2017 | Danielle Doffay

Gumboots & Grapevines Luncheon

Gumboots & Grapevine Luncheon

Saturday 6th May 2017


To be a part of this exclusive event please
call: 02 4998 7088

Time Posted: 10/03/2017 at 2:12 PM
Danielle Doffay
16 January 2017 | Danielle Doffay

Where to Eat in the Hunter Valley

The Oakvale Team loves nothing better than great wine and delicious food! Here's a few of our favourite restaurants!!!!

Hunters Quarter - excellent food and service, great atmosphere.
576 De Beyers Road, Pokolbin; Phone: (02) 4998 7776









Botanica – great atmosphere, lovely staff and fantastic food.
555 Hermitage Rd, Pokolbin; Phone: (02) 6574 7229

Bistro Molines – Robbie Molines is the Godfather of Hunter Chefs. You’ll also experience beautiful views at this iconic restaurant.
749 Mt View Road Mount View; Phone: (02) 4990 9553

Restaurant 221 – fine dining without the price tag and the owner John Harvey is a huge supporter of local wineries.
221 Vincent Street, Cessnock; Phone: (02) 4991 3700

Pop Up – casual dining, fun, relaxed and great music on weekends!
266 Debeyers Road, Pokolbin: Phone: 0413 949 252

EXP – it’s the place to “experience” your dishes. Don’t forget to stop by our Cellar Door and sample some Oakvale Wines and grab some wine to take home!
1596 Broke Road, Pokolbin: Phone: (02) 4998 7264

Time Posted: 16/01/2017 at 10:01 AM
Danielle Doffay
19 December 2016 | Danielle Doffay

2017 Oakvale Trilogy Dates

2017 Oakvale Trilogy Dates

Crush Party 
Saturday 25th February 2017

Blending Party
Saturday 28th October 2017

Release Dinner
Saturday 24th June 2017
We will be releasing the 2016 Purpura Pedes Chardonnay & Shiraz

To be a part of these exclusive events in 2017 please
call: 02 4998 7088

Time Posted: 19/12/2016 at 10:00 AM
Bonnie Goodman
14 December 2016 | Bonnie Goodman

What is the Oakvale Trilogy? Why was it created? What is Purpura Pedes?

Behind every bottle of Oakvale wine there is a story…

We believe that the finest things in life are those that allow Mother Nature’s beauty to shine bright - it’s this philosophy of minimal intervention that inspires the winemaking craft of Oakvale Wines.
Our practices respect the sustainable way of life, from growing grapes that are nurtured in the vineyard, to making wine that truly reflects the region and the natural elements from which it came.

This inspiration takes us on an annual journey from the vineyard to the bottle. Every year presents a new set of challenges and hard work, allowing us to be creative & handcraft with passion.
We are lucky to experience this every year during vintage.

The Oakvale Event Trilogy was created to take you, our Members, on this annual journey making our Purpura Pedes wines and becoming an integral part of the story.

It’s an opportunity for you to be part of the winemaking process from initiation to completion. Shapeshifting you from your everyday life to that of a Winemaker three times a year with a half day in the vineyard & winery hand picking, sorting, stomping & crushing in February; returning in October to assist with the blending process; culminating in June the following year, picking your favourite bottle number, signing the labels, signifying your input, releasing the wines & celebrating success over a grand dinner.

A Winemaker and his team’s lifestyle would not be complete without “quality control”, continually sampling wines paired with fabulous food, like-minded company & good cheer!
We ensure there is plenty of opportunity for this whilst creating the very limited Purpura Pedes wines...

Come, join us and be a part of the Purpura Pedes story and be a part of the Oakvale Family.


Time Posted: 14/12/2016 at 6:00 PM
Bonnie Goodman
8 November 2016 | Bonnie Goodman

2016 Blending Party

Our members came along to celebrate our 2016 Blending Party on 5th November.
They spent the day with James our winemaker and Travis our viticulturist as they went through the art of blending wine and the science behind grape growing.

After the morning in the vineyard with Travis everyone moved into the winery to begin blending...

James guide our Members through the art of blending.....

Lots of fun was had by all....

The day was full of indulgence!

A picnic hamper lunch on the lawn while we enjoyed the enchanting tunes of Anna Weatherup from The Voice.

Generous Picnic hampers by Mojo's....

Yummy wine with The Oakvale Team....

Lots of chill-laxing!!!!

Time Posted: 08/11/2016 at 9:47 AM
Bonnie Goodman
24 June 2016 | Bonnie Goodman

Oakvale Event Trilogy - Purpura Pedes Release Dinner

The Oakvale Event Trilogy was created to take our Members, on this annual journey making our Purpura Pedes wines, becoming an integral part of the story. We released the very first vintage of the 2015 Purpura Pedes wine on Saturday 4th June 2016. 

It’s an opportunity for you to be part of the winemaking process fro​m initiation to completion. Shape shifting you from your everyday life to that of a Winemaker three times a year with a half day in the vineyard & winery picking, sorting, stomping & crushing in February; returning in October to assist with the blending process; culminating in June the following year, signing the labels, signifying your input, releasing the wines & celebrating success over a grand dinner.

An intimate dinner in our Cellar Door with The Oakvale Family

Enjoy a few glasses of wine with James over a scrumptious dinner

We were so excited to have EXP. Restaurant design an 8 course menu to match our 2015 Purpura Pedes Chardonnay & Shiraz.

Our members had the opportunity to select their favourite number bottle and to label their own bottles.

A lovely evening with our favourite Winemaker 

Photography by Ali Novis

Time Posted: 24/06/2016 at 9:00 AM
Bonnie Goodman
16 March 2016 | Bonnie Goodman

Crush Party 2016

Oakvale’s Crush Party is the first of our annual event Trilogy.
It is a fun filled afternoon devoted to our members and guests, taking them on the grape’s journey from

vineyard to the bottle 

We begin with a briefing & meet the Oakvale Team

We put them out to work in the vineyard...

The shiraz vineyard was perfectly ripe & ready to pick

Evan talked us through what we look for when deciding on ripeness and quality

Some needed a snack along the way....

With so many helpers, it didn’t take long to fill the bins

James talked everyone through grape sorting

Then it was all hands on deck to de-stem & sort...

Some needed evidence of the hard hours worked!!!

The team got sticky with a little pigeage (stomping)

Fabulous food from Restaurant 221 & Oakvale wines were the rewards for our hard labour

With plenty of time to chill...

Chat with the Oakvale Team...

Stomp some more grapes (and catch a selfie or two to boast to our friends)

And relax to tunes from Sarah...
Thanks for coming & helping us with Vintage 2016, The Oakvale Team.



Time Posted: 16/03/2016 at 10:00 AM
James Becker
5 February 2016 | James Becker

Winemaking Action 2016!

Slow and steady does it for the 2016 vintage. So far we have received our Verdelho and Semillon grapes with more to come soon! We’ve decided to do a few new things this year just to add a little spice to life. In addition to making our traditional Verdelho, we’re also trialling some extended skin contact as well as time spent in our Nomblot Egg during fermentation. 

Now, what does all that even mean?? Verdelho is considered to be an aromatic variety, by leaving it in contact with its skins we expect to get much more tropical and floral aromas. Skin contact on white wines also leads to a little more texture and even some tannin structure. Due to the shape of the egg you get constant lees (dead yeast cells) stirring and contact with oxygen which will soften the flavours imparted from the extended skin contact.

Jury is still out on how well this will go but we are very excited for this experiment! 

We are also expecting to receive a brand new (to us) grape variety. Friulano aka Sauvignonasse aka Sauvignon vert. Clearly it is a grape of many names as well as flavours. It's a white grape known to be full bodied with moderate acidity, floral aromas and delicate fruit flavours.  Originally grown in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy, we will be getting this fruit from Rutherglen. 

Meanwhile, the reds are all still happy hanging on to the vines getting good and ripe. They should start coming in in the next week or so. Stay tuned for the progress!

Oakvale- “Drink Better” 

Time Posted: 05/02/2016 at 12:00 PM
Travis Emmett
2 December 2015 | Travis Emmett

Vineyard Update

Bud Burst, Flowering, Fruit Set, Veraison…

Those are the four main stages of grape development. While February to April is the busiest time of year in the wine industry there is still plenty to do in the months leading up to harvest time.

The grape starts its cycle in spring with bud burst which usually occurs around the beginning of September. After bud burst, the young shoots are very vulnerable to frost damage so Travis, our vineyard manager, will go to great lengths to protect the vines at this fragile stage.  

Next, we have the flowering phase. Flowering will start to occur around November and is a vital time in the grapes’ life. It is at this stage that the pollination and fertilization takes place resulting in the production of a grape!  Would you believe it if I told you that wine grapevines (Vitis Vinifera) are hermaphroditic? Well, it’s true. Most Vitis Vinifera vines contain both male and female parts which allow them to self-pollinate without much, if any, help from wind or insects.

After flowering we have fruit set (Exciting times!). Fruit set occurs almost immediately after flowering, but not every flower on the vine gets fertilized. This is when Travis will be able to start to make predictions about the crop yield for this year. We also want little to no rain from this point forward, so cross your fingers and pray to the rain gods for us! We’d love another hot, dry vintage like 2014.

Veraison, ah, veraison… Now we’re talking. This is when the magic happens. Just after fruit set, the berries are green and hard with very little sugar and high acid content. Within six days of the start of veraison, the berries begin to grow dramatically as they accumulate glucose and fructose (sugar) and the acids begin to fall.  We also start to see the colour change from green into red/purple or yellow/green depending on the varieties. 

We are currently in the veraison stage and everything is looking great.  So, now we wait (not so patiently) for the vines to do their thing which will take about 40-50 days. Bring on Vintage 2016! 

Time Posted: 02/12/2015 at 12:07 PM