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Oakvale Wines

Hunter Valley Vegan Friendly Wine

Yes! You heard right!
ALL our wines and ciders made from 2015 onwards are free from animal fining agents and products. Why the change? We strongly believe that less is more, employing minimal intervention winemaking techniques to showcase the true expression of our vineyards, free from unnecessary manipulation. What does this mean for you? Environmentally friendly, low preservative, vegan friendly wine.
The majority of wines seen today contain some form of animal-derived fining agents. Fining agents are used to help remove cloudiness, unwanted yeasts, proteins as well as certain faults and organic particles. Common animal fining agents include Casein (milk protein), Egg Albumen (egg whites), Gelatin (taken from pig or cow skin and connective tissue), Isinglass (gelatin from fish bladder membranes) and Chitin (extracted from ocean shellfish).
Thankfully, there are a number of animal-friendly alternatives that can be used in the winery, such as vegetable based fining agents. Our winery team has thoroughly tested these new generation of fining agents and we are extremely happy with the result. Don't be shy, visit our online store and bowse our extensive range of handcrafted, vegan friendly wines today!