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Oakvale Wines

EXP. Restaurant

 EXP. Restaurant is a hidden gem located​ in Pokolbin, the heart of the Hunter Valley. The dining room is chic and intimate with hand crafted local furniture. Guests can sit along the bar and peer directly into the kitchen while interacting with Chef Frank Fawkner and his team. The restaurant garden sits just beyond the confines of the dining room.

"I feel dining at a restaurant is about the EXP.erience; everything from the EXP.erimental taste of the food and wine to the EXP.ertise of the service. The EXP.loration of music along with the EXP.ression of art, through to the paintings and crockery and even EXP.osure to aromas are all a vital part of the EXP.edition to create an everlasting EXP.erience."    Frank Fawkner

EXP. restaurant is infused in Oakvale Winery, a family owned and operated business that is passionate about all facets of winemaking. They strive to produce minimalist handcrafted wines that are unique, distinct and a true reflection of the Hunter Valley region.

The synergy and bond of these two philosophies create a platform for an everlasting EXP.erience. 
Call 02 4998 7264 to book.